Repairing all kinds of commercial garage doors
We’ve been in the garage door repair industry for a long time. We’ve seen how much garage doors have changed, while still having many fundamental similarities. That’s why we’re able to fix all kinds of commercial garage doors and gates that have been around for decades. With a combination of the right techniques as well as parts, we make sure that we restore these garage doors to their fully functioning glory. By that same token, we know how to fix the newest, latest and greatest garage doors, too. We’re well-versed in all of the advancements and accoutrements that new garage doors contain. We make sure that those are working as they should, too.
The Right Parts
A dirty secret of the garage door repair industry is that not every repair company uses the best parts. An easy (but ultimately self-defeating) way to save money is to use subpar replacements parts in garage door repair. They cost less and they’ll break down faster. We don’t do that. We refuse to use anything but the best replacement parts. Furthermore, we’re committed to using original parts. That way, we’re putting in parts that were always designed to be the absolute correct part for the job. These are the parts that were made to withstand plenty of use. We want to give our customers a garage door that works today as well as tomorrow, too.

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